Payaso Comedy Slam 90 minute Stand-up Comedy Special for Showtime (premieres on Showtime, September 2007)
Hosted by “Latin King” Alex Reymundo and brings together 9 of today’s most prominent up and coming comedians in America. The Payaso Comedy Slam stars: Joey Medina, Jeff Garcia, Joey Diaz, Johnny Sanchez, Edwin San Juan, Rick Ramos, George Perez, and Erik Griffin. Presented by Kosmic Entertainment and Payaso Entertainment and is executive produced by Sarah Wasserman, Bob Abramoff, Alex Reymundo, Scott Montoya and Neal Marshall. Produced and directed by Scott Montoya, produced by Neal Marshall and Co-produced by Yvette Yates.

The Original Latin Divas of Comedy 90 minute Stand-up Comedy Special for Showtime (premiered, May 2007
Follow-up to Paramount Pictures' hugely successful “The Original Latin Kings of Comedy” and t he "kings" are answered by their distaff equals in this hilarious concert film that brings together the best Latina comediennes in America: “Mexicana” Marilyn Martinez, "New Yorican" Sara Contreras, “Cubana” Monique Marvez, and “Tejana” Sandra Valls. Alex Reymundo hosts this show which was filmed in San Bernardino at the historic California Theatre; the ladies have been collectively honing their respective crafts for decades and are at the top of their game. In the documentary portion of the film, we are introduced to these four women in a way that not only spotlights their on- stage skills, but also allows the audience to see the origins of their culturally inspired comedy. Presented by Kosmic Entertainment and Payaso Entertainment and is executive produced by Sarah Wasserman, Bob Abramoff, Alex Reymundo, Scott Montoya and Neal Marshall. Produced and directed by Scott Montoya, produced by Neal Marshall and Co-produced by Yvette Yates.

Alex Reymundo’s HICK-SPANIC: Live in Albuquerque 60 minute Stand-up Comedy Special for Showtime (premiered March 3, 2007)

Alex Reymundo's debut one-hour comedy special. One of the "Original Latin Kings of Comedy" (airing are now on Comedy Central), Reymundo delves into growing up an immigrant in a large, Mexican family in the South. Alex delivers the punch at every turn leaving the audience with only one conclusion: there is a new Latin breed of comedy in town and its Alex Reymundo. Produced by Payaso Entertainment and Funny as Hell Productions.  Executive Produced by Ross Denny, Jeff Fishman, Alex Reymundo, Scott Montoya and Neal Marshall. Co-produced by Yvette Yates and Directed by Jorge Gaxiola.


The Original Latin Kings of Comedy

Produced for Paramount Pictures. Starring Cheech Marin, Paul Rodriguez, George Lopez and featured Joey Medina and Alex Reymundo. “The Original Latin Kings of Comedy” aired on Showtime in September 2003. It was released to DVD on October 7th 2003. “The Original Latin Kings of Comedy” is currently the the highest grossing Latino-themed English-speaking direct to DVD Stand-up Comedy special of all time. Executive produced by Paul Rodriguez, Lou Perez and Scott Montoya.


Dime Con Quien Andas for Telemundo was the first one-hour stand-up comedy special in Spanish starring Paul Rodriguez. This production is the only one that has been produced entirely in Spanish. Executive produced by Paul Rodriguez and Scott Montoya.


Latino Comedy Showcase was comprised of six half-hour specials that were syndicated to NBC and FOX affiliates which highlighted the performances of 22 of today's up-and-coming Latin comedians. Shot on location at the Cabazon Indian Reservation, it was executive produced by Paul Rodriguez, Mark Nichols and Scott Montoya.


In Production

Payaso Comedy Slam Series

Highlights new and veteran comics of all grounds of life. The Slam series is inclusive and not exclusive, because at the end of the day Funny is Funny and is cuurently in Pre-production. The Slam series will be shooting in late summer 07.


Hick-Spanic Series
Produced by CBS/Paramount for SHOWTIME. Hick-Spanic is loosely based on Reymundo’s stand-up comedy routine. Alex of Mexican decent and his blond-haired blue-eyed Hillbilly wife live in a small town in Kentucky with their two children, half Hillbilly half Hispanic. Both his family and hers are constantly in a struggle to prove who married up. Surrounded by racecars and mullets, Alex has moved his family to Kentucky after his own cable show about customizing cars has ended.
He has arrived to help salvage his in-laws bankrupt racecar repair business. Showrunner Michael Glouberman (E.P. Malcolm in the Middle, 3 rd Rock from the Sun) wrote the pilot with Alex Reymundo. Hick-Spanic will be executive produced by Jeffrey Kramer (E.P. Ally McBeal) and produced by Scott Montoya.


Pre Production

Dead Warrior's Song is the story of six silent men.
The Grandfathers once said, “That all Warriors have a song and that song must be sung…lest we forget those warriors and their loved ones’ who lived, loved, sacrificed, and died”. The Vietnam War serves as a testing ground to two young men. One a Brule Lakota tribesmen from the Dakota plains and the other a Mexican-American vaquero from the New Mexico cattle ranges. They bond in a spiritual way that is beyond blood relations and is forged in the heat of combat. Tome, a conscientious objector through his spiritual upbringing and Senon who aspires to the traditional life of marriage, family and attainment of a higher education, bond in friendship and are reluctantly caught up in the drama and turmoil of the war. Leaving Vietnam, Tome is burdened with feelings of responsibility for the death of men under his care and on arriving in America, the crushing death of his young wife. Overwhelmed, he is swept into spiritual madness and renounces the teachings of the pipe. Tome returns to Vietnam an angry and vengeful warrior, and rejoins Senon and his friends in a Special Operations, Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol unit. Deep behind enemy lines, the Lurps’ six-man team relies on stealth, professionalism, and unending trust in each other for their survival. The Lurps code and brotherhood is endangered by Tome’s mindset of revenge. Senon and Tome are caught up in a series of intense combat missions that teach Tome the value of his friendships and shatters the walls that come between him and his brothers. The story comes to a dramatic and bloody conclusion that tests Tome and his brother warriors. The lessons learned from Senon and the others, and prompted by a promise to Senon; Tome returns to the spiritual teachings of the pipe. Based on a special operations units’ history and real-life characters, this story is a medicine wheel of love, brotherhood, sorrow, terror and tragedy, dramatically portraying the emotional and spiritual upheaval of the Vietnam War on the men who served and of redemption. Written by Rey Martinez and Tome Reubidoix.

Three Days in Delano
the story of three boyhood friends growing up in the late-sixties/ early-seventies who are brought back together for three days after the passing of one of the boy's father, the late labor leader Cesar Chavez. Over the three days, they recant in flashbacks the influence that Cesar had over them and how their lives were guided to bring them back together for this monumental event in Mexican-American History.
The story of the great labor leader is told through the eyes of the kids, whose parents sacrificed so much to follow the dream of one man who made a difference and changed a small part of the world through non-violence. A true story by Scott Montoya.